Intel Parallel Studio 1 seat floating license now available

Intel Parallel Studio 1 seat floating license now available

Purchases of Intel Parallel Studio are for a particular version, and include access to the service packs issued for the version purchased. We offer both a Single User license and a 1-seat floating license that may be shared by multiple users. Please note that the EULA that comes with the component products for Intel Parallel Studio and the EULA on currently existing product updates is not the complete EULA for floating licenses; the EULA for the product can be found at the website link:

If you purchase the floating license, please be aware it must be managed using the Intel FLEXlm License Manager. Refer to Intel License Manager FAQfor frequently asked questions.

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Does a floating license mean one user of say the Amplifier Profiler tool stops another using the Inspector tool or is the license really per tool within the Studio?

Hi, Daniel,

The 1-seat floating license is for the whole product and therefore applies to its components too. So, only one user can be actively using the tool (or component) at any time.


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