i need the gui - lol :(

i need the gui - lol :(

installed today microsoft visual studio 2008 succesfully
installed intel parallel studio right after with success
however lately i receive no shortcuts on desktop
i dont use any heavy firewalls that denies a simple shortcut on the desktop

guess how many shortcuts i have to parallel studio - none
i've checked the executables & tried to open the gui using a command but no luck
so i need a shortcut colletion of commands to open the main programs graphically

reason why stuff is so ridicilous these days is because of arp\\netbios\\udp hacking
just a quick line here:

windows system process 1 is idle with like 97% on the cpu (it's an intel p4)
plus there is another process called system
they are both linked to udp\\tcp ports 445 135 1027 & all netbios ports
& an arp attack or 10001 are constantly hacking my soundcard
arp attacks says something like: arp 0 j e unreg function this & that on soundcard mostly
but other occurances as well & is found by a nice program called "ether detect"

main reason for downloading parallel studio is to bite back on the cpu intervals
which then makes me recall an incident while making a divx movie & cpu intervals made
frames per second go down, so that there was tons of glitches in the smoothness of the movie

big problem we got :(

hoping for some small zip file in my email with shortcuts to the gui part of the parallel studio
so that we may begin evaluating the studio

dont know if im registered with email so that intel\\forum users can reach me
so here is my email: in4m3r2001@yahoo.no

bye - from: harlequins enigma
btw we have new audio cd's coming soon
it will be our debut & it's big :) 16 cd's

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Well to make it short. You do not need a special command nor shortcut to start Intel Parallel Studio.
Simply open your Visual Studio and start working.
In case you do not see the new toolbars, Enable those in the usual Visual Studio settings.

hi again

would you believe it
i looked for the visual studio executable
cant find any part from deletetemp & setup
so we tried again in maintainance mode reinstalling vs2008
& got no new shortcuts

i do not got visual studio in control panel or administrative tools either
so i guess my last wish is the shortcut to open visual studio 2008

never mind
microsoft seem to have a weird system
decided to try to run vs2008 in maintaiance mode in safe mode
worked for a few packages

but then we spotted the icons
& went to all users/start menu folder & there they laid, all of them
i now got all shortcuts for all installs

ty vm

saw parallel studio as i loaded vs2008

Glad it worked :-)

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