Problems installing INTEL PARALLEL STUDIO.

Problems installing INTEL PARALLEL STUDIO.

I Have downloaded the Intel Parallel Studio 2010.I have tried to install it. But I'm getting the following error.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intel Parallel Studio installation will endMicrosoft Visual Studio* software is not installed on this system.Installation will end because this product must integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005 or 2008 software.
Suggestion: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 or 2008 software on this system, or install this product on a compliant system.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BUT, I already have "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008" installed on my system.Its just not being detected.the installation info is:------------------------------------------------------------Microsoft Visual Studio 2008Version 9.0.30729.1 SPMicrosoft .NET FrameworkVersion 3.5 SP1Installed Edition: VC ExpressMicrosoft Visual C++ 2008 91909-152-0000052-60159Microsoft Visual C++ 2008--------------------------------------------------------------Please help.Regards,Shoubhik Bose.

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Hi Shoubhik,

Please refer to the release notes from the package. The VC express edition is NOT supported and hence you are getting that error. You need to have Microsoft Visual Studio Standard Edition (or higher edition) for proper install and integration.


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