Way to better suppress messages? If not -> Request

Way to better suppress messages? If not -> Request

while I am checking if Parallel Studio will be helpful to our dev workflow I came uppon the question if there is a better way to suppress messages in the Inspector.
We have a pooling system which uses automatic registering.
Basically if you write a cpp file you register it decentralized in this cpp file by adding a global scope instantiation of a register object which then allocate memory and put it into the Pool.

Since the pool is cleaned up on termination by it self the Inspector shows currently about 35 leak belonging to this system.

The real problem is, that I cannot select all leaks and suppress them with one click. I have to step through all 35 messages and supress them one by one.

There is no common function since it is templated so I cannot use a wildcard here nor can I wildcard the source file ( I tried ).

The solution would be a multiple select and suppress usage so I can select settings in the "Create Private Suppressions" and do see all my suppressions at once this dialog.

Any hints welcome :)

Best regards,

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HelloSam,This is a good point. I'll submit your feature request regarding multiple selection for suppression.


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