Debugging static lib by IPS

Debugging static lib by IPS

I am having difficulty loading debugging symbols for a static library (.lib) linked to a dll, which is linked to the main application. The library is being compiled using the Intel C++ compiler, which does not support pdb files, so I am constrained to use the /Z7 option to generate debugging symbols.

My application structure is as follows: the main exe code is written in C#, the dll is in managed C++ compiled with the Microsoft compiler, and the lib is in C++ with the Intel compiler.

I _can_ debug just fine if I run the dll project directly (as an exe). I have tried compiling both the dll and the lib with the Z7 option, but it does not allow me to load symbols for the lib files. I am running all of this onVisual Studio 2005.

Any suggestions?

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You may check your linker configuration: Linker->Debugging to see if field "Generate Debug Info" and "Generate Program Database File" is set correctly.

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