Inspector & Amplifier error

Inspector & Amplifier error


I'm running Intel ParallelStudio with VisualStudio2005 for some time and until now everything worked just fine.
For the lastweeks I can't run Inspector or Amplifier on my computer (Composer works fine).

When I try to run Amplifier I get the following error:
The result you are opening does not contain data. An error could have occured during data collection.

And when I try to run Inspector I get the following message (in the output window):
An internal error has occured. Our apologies...
Memory error analysis: terminated.
I tried to find the log file as written in the message but they do not exist.

Can anyone help?


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Hi Sharon:

Can you please zip up the results directories that were generated and upload them to this thread? (See the Add Files button and add as an attachment.) Without any log files to investigate, the next best thing is the results directory.

Also, which analysis types were used in each case? For example, in Inspector, you mentioned it was a memory analysis, but was it level 1, 2, 3, or 4? For Amplifier, was it Hotspots, Concurrency, or Locks & Waits?



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