New User, Parallel Studio Crashes My Application

New User, Parallel Studio Crashes My Application

Hello, I am a new user to parallel studio and I am having trouble getting started. I'm not really sure what information you need to help me, so if you need anything else just ask. The problem is that using Parallel Studio makes my application crash, specificaly when I try to check memory errors. The sequence of events that occurred were:

1) I selected inspect "Memory Errors".
2) I clicked inspect.
3) I chose the lowest level of detail, ie "Does my target leak memory?"
4) I clicked "Run Analysis" and the c++/cli wpf interop gui started up
5) I selected a few things in gui and clicked my app's execute button
6) The application crashed. Note the actual execution is in native 64-bit c++ w/ openMP.

When my application crashed, the "Event Log" had numerous Memory leak errors, in three different modules: wpfgfx_v03000.dll, diasymreader.dll, and mscorwks.dll. The crash is almost instantaneous. Note that this application normally successfully executes in both debug and release modes.

In order to help determine what the issue is, I tried a few things.
1) I ran the sample banner code included with install. It worked properly.
2) I ran the "Threading Errors" inspector on my application. It worked properly.
3) I tried different suppression levels and depths. They still crashed.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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I stripped out the native code sections to a seperate application. This seems to be running without the same problems. This leads me to believe the crash occured either

1) when i call a function asynchronously
2) when i access the native pointer within my CLI object
3) other

Don't know if this helps, has anyone else encountered these sorts of errors?

Hello,Inspector doesn't support applications that based on .Net Framework. This is the reason the app crashes underMemory Checker. Thread Checker may tolerate it, however. But this would be not supported use case anyway.Separating native part of an application is a common workaround.

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