Trying to evaluate Parallel Inspector using MSVS 2010

Trying to evaluate Parallel Inspector using MSVS 2010

I'm trying to evaluate Parrallel Inspector and I cannot install it due to that it does not support Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. From google-ing, I see that Inspector is supposed to support MSVS 2010 or is it on the road map to support it in the future?

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I finally found the link about MSVS 2010, apparently it looks like Parallel Inspector is still in BETA for MSVS 2010 support.

Is there any ETA on when Intel will release Inspector for MSVS 2010?

Thank you for your interest in Intel Parallel Inspector. I am unable to comment on the exact release date of the next version that can integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*. I will keep you informed on this one however. It should be out in the near future (soon :) ).


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