Change version of Parallel Studio integrated in Visual Studio?

Change version of Parallel Studio integrated in Visual Studio?

Is it possible to change which version of Parallel Studio is integrated in Visual Studio?I had the original version of Parallel Studio installed, and then installed Parallel Studio 2011, so they are now both installed on my PC.But Visual Studio 2008 is now configured to use Parallel Studio 2011. I'd like to toggle between the Parallel Studio versions if there's a way to do so.Thanks,Neil

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That is strange. For me the Parallel Studio 2011 installer detected all old versions of Parallel Studio and removed them before installing the new version.Why would you want to have the old Parallel Studio living next to the new version? Parallel Studio 2011 has everything the original product has and ton's of new stuff.This goes especially for Composer and the underlying compiler.

Yeah we'll certainly be moving to 2011. But for now I just wanted to test it with our existing projects to make sure there are no incompatibilities before committing to the upgrade.The problem is 2011 requires icproj files saved with the old version to be upgraded, and I don't want to have to do that straight away. So being able to toggle between the two versions would be nice.

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Detailed instructions for doing this can be found in the Knowledge Base article here:

Please let me know if you have any issues.


Great, thanks for that.

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