internal error: 0_1374 compiling Boost 1.44

internal error: 0_1374 compiling Boost 1.44


I just updated to Parallel Studio 2011 release and am getting:

C:\\boost_1_44_0\\boost\\regex\\v4\\match_results.hpp(543) (col. 4): internal error: 0_1374

compilation aborted for libs\\regex\\build\\..\\src\\instances.cpp (code 4)

This error happens multiple times during the build, each time match_results.hpp is included. I am building Boost 1.44 with "intel-win" and "address-model=64" using bjam.

Boost 1.44 builds fine with bjam and "msvc" "address-model=64".

Line 534 of match_results.hpp is:

void BOOST_REGEX_CALL set_named_subs(boost::shared_ptr subs)

line 534>{

m_named_subs = subs;




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This has been lately filed as a bug with new compiler 12.0 as there are many such internal errors with Boost source.

Do you also get these errors in 32-bit ?


I tried a 32-bit bjam build with "intel-win" and "address-model=32" and did not get any internal error failures.Acouple of the Boost modules failed to build because of normal compile errors related to declarations in the source, etc.


great, i expected that with 32-bit. It comes only with 64-bit, that too with Parallel Studio.

I will update you about progress. Thanks for testing with 32-bit!!


I actually have this problem, too. Are there any news regarding this bug?

David Ecker

Hi David,

I looked at the filed issue and the fix should be in the next update release of Parallel Composer.I'll update you as soon as the release is out.


Hi Kittur,

do you have a timeline when to expect an update? if it is too long I'll have to invest some time in a workaround.

David Ecker

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