Do I also need TBB?

Do I also need TBB?

If I purchase Parallel Studio 2011, do I still need to get Threading Building Blocks 3.0 as well or is it included? Or do I not need TBB at all? What's the overlap between the two products?



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TBB is one of the components of Parallel Composer which is part of the full Parallel Studio. So if you've already installed Composer, you have TBB as part of it. Do you need it, well that's an interesting question. I find TBB very useful for easily adding parallelism to an application, but it is a library, so you need to learn how to use it, and actively call the TBB routines within your application to gain the benifits of it.


OK thanks Peter.

I know that I need to use TBB, I just didn't know whether it was included as part of the Parallel Studio or if it was a separate product.



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