Memory Leaks, Locks&Waits

Memory Leaks, Locks&Waits


I am evaluating Intel Parallel Studio and face the following issues.
My application is a DirectShow Filter on IPP. Solution contains engine, filter and console projects.

I run some tests, Parallel Inspector has found two memory leaks in Console version, in __onexit() function (CRT function, not mine) in callock. An interesting thing is that I deleted all the code, switched off the project dependences and all input libraries, but still I cannot localize the problem. Funny thing that I created empy project with no code, just main, and Parallel Inspector found no leaks, whereas Console project became basically the same during test. So I can't understand the place where this leak occurs. The only thing left is to check compiller's options.

Maybe you can give any advices on that issue.

Another issue is hang up problem of our project. It is hard to repeat this hang up, and visual search doesn't have any results yet. So I hope Intel Parallel Studio would help me to find the place, but locks&waits analisys found no problems. Does it find lock only when the thred if locked? Is there some instrument to get statisticcal code analisys and find possible locks?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Maxim,

The memory
leaks in the CRT functions is most probably a false positive there may be
different reasons for that including bug in the Inspector. We will check the
examples with the calloc call.

So, you may
ignore this diagnostic and apply a suppression filter to not get messages in
the report.

As for the second
question, you probably mean the application hang problem you should use Dead Locks
analysis of Inspector in this case (not Locks&Waits which is an analysis
for threading profiling).

Hi Vladimir. Thanks for your reply.

There is a strange thing with the Inspector. It fails to run the application (any application so far).
It says:
"Error: An internal error has occurred. Our apologies for this inconvenience. Please send *\My Inspector Results\r013ti2\data.0/insp-runtc.log file to The report files may be used to help improve stability of this tool. Thank you for your assistance in helping us improve the quality of our product."
Maybe that's because of the vast Intel programs I've installed recently for evaluation, because I don't remember if inspector failed to run previously.

I have uninstalled unneccessary evaluated products, but the failure remains. I will try to reinstall Parallel studio as a possible solution.


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