Backend Signals internal error.

Backend Signals internal error.

I was using VS2010 Premium in a 32-bit Windows 7 Pro and Parallel Studio 2011 (the 30 day evaluation trial). There were 4 projects compiled correctly (dependencies of the last one) but the last one fails (I'm guessing at linking stage) with the following messages:
5>ipo : error #11018: Cannot open ipps_l5>ipo : error #11018: Cannot open ippvm_l5>ipo : error #11018: Cannot open ipps_t5>ipo : error #11018: Cannot open ippvm_t5>ipo : error #11018: Cannot open ippcore_t5>XILINK : internal error : backend signals5> 5>xilink : error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)5>xilink : error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)5>5>Build FAILED.
I tried to specify no use of IPPexplicitly(via the option in the project properties (all of them)) but the message remains the same.What could be the cause?
Thank you for your time anyway.
PS. I can upload a full copy of the projects (they're open source) (about 14BM) and/or a build log if needed.
EDIT: I tried to compile a simple sha1 algorithm implementation using the command line compiler and the "problem" is related to the /Quse-intel-optimized-headers and the /Qipo switches as IPP static libraries doesn't seem to be installed.
Doesn't the switch to not to use IPP in the VS IDE should prevent its use at all?----------------------------
2nd EDIT: By the way, is it possible to obtain the IPP static libraries to use in the evaluation version of Parallel Studio?

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if you need to compile the IPP's based application, then you have to link IPP librariesimplicitly ( availble in IPS only:justopen thePropertyPages Configuration Properties IntelIntegrated Performance Primitives Tab, clickUse IPP =Yes ) or explicitly by setting the list of libraries you need to use into Property Pages >>Configuration Properties >> Linker >> Input >> Additiaonal Dependencies--Gennady

opps, I missed the last question - yes, you can upload the static libs in the form of separate packages.--Gennady

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