Well meaning but insanely annoying Windows Installer for PS 2011

Well meaning but insanely annoying Windows Installer for PS 2011

I just purchased PS 2011 and the Windows installer will not proceed as it needs room for "205 characters" in the System PATH.
After 5 iterations of removing parts from the Path , I am down to a pretty minimal PATH for anyone doing S/W development with visual studio and intel compilers. And it still won't install!

Please, I can manage my PATH variable - make it a warning so I can re-order and clean things up, but it is asinine for the installer to prevent installation.

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Wow, thanks for pointing this out. I just checked my 64-bit Win7 path, and it looks like it has been truncated at 1024 characters. The last entry is, "C:\Program Fil". This makes me wonder what I'm missing.

I completely agree - is it really necessary to have PS2011 take up 400+ characters of the path? What can safely be removed?



I believe Windowsimposes the limit of 1024 characters on the PATH environment variable, which Parallel Studio cannot control. With respect to freeing up space and still not being able to install, it could be the case that the installer has the old PATH value it received when it was started up. Have you closed the installer and retried since editing the PATH?

Does this help?


I had a monster PATH, and yes by cleaning it up I was able to get PS Studio 2011 to install.
I just think this should be a warning and not stop installation.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I will make sure that it is considered for future versions of our product.

I understand that Parallel Studio cannot control the Windows PATH limitation, but it can control how much of it is eaten up by the installer. Is it really necessary to add so many diretories to the PATH? I would like to see a future release that does not have such a heavy PATH dependency.


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