Advisor error: Cannot load raw collector data

Advisor error: Cannot load raw collector data

Hi all,

I've tried to perform Survey analysis on my project (one exe and many dll-s) and I get the following error while launching the process:

-No Data - Data Loading failed - Error message 0x4000001e - cannot load raw collector data ...

Here is the log from the Output window:

Loading cached program model

Warning: kernel32.dll instrumentation requested more than once ...

Target process's profiling finished but the following processes are still being profiled:


002368 002664 RESUME D:\\prof_tfs_root\\ProfessionalProject\\trunk\\Professional\\FinalOutput\\Release\\Professional.exe

You may stop collection manually. The processes listed above will be terminated.

Collection time: 38s

Warning: Cannot load data file `D:\\prof_tfs_root\\ProfessionalProject\\trunk\\Professional\\Chart\\My Advisor Results - Professional\\survey\\data.0\\2368-2664.0.trace' (Data file is corrupted).

Finalizing the result took 0.161 seconds.

Its a 32-bit C++ app/release or debug build (error happens with both), with generated debug info and debug info format /Zi.
Nqueens sample works w-out problem on my machine (admin user, VS 2010 Premium with installed x64 compiler tools, 64-bit processor, Windows 7).

Thanks in advance for your assistance !


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Now there is a new update 1 available for Intel Parallel Advisor.

Is it possible that you can try test application on new build?

If the problem persists on, please go to to submit this issue with test application. Thank you!

Regards, Peter

Update 1 solved the problem. Tnx!
Keep up good work with this great tool ...


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