Memory access error detection in managed code?

Memory access error detection in managed code?


I made a few weeks ago a short evaluation of Intel Parallel Studio.

My test period is over now, but I found rapidly that it does not seem to support memory access errors with C++/CLI managed code, in the same way for example Rational Purify does with non managed code.

Here is the simple test program I tried:

void main()

char *foo;
int i;

foo = (char *) malloc(10);
for (i = 0; i<10; i++)
foo[i] = 'a';
foo[i] = '\\0';
foo[-1] = '\\0';


No error was reported here.

Did I miss something, or is Intel Parallel Studio unable to detect in real time this kind of errors?

I tested several other tools, and none so far is able to do so with managed code.

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IntelParallel Inspector 2011 does not work on C++ .NET managed code. It does work on C++ native binaries as described in the System Requirements:

Programming Language: C or C++ (native, not managed code) [0]

Intel Parallel Inspector 2011 will also find memory and threading errors in the unmanaged code of a mixed mode binary.

Our New Product: Intel Inspector XE 2011will additonally find threading errors on C#.NET managed code.

Eric M

Thanks, that clears it up.

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