Using Parallel Inspector 2011 with a DLL

Using Parallel Inspector 2011 with a DLL

I have used the Parallel Inspector with an executable (.EXE) and the Inpsector works quite well. How do I use it with a DLL? Typically when I debug a DLL, I attach to a running explorer.exe process through VS 2010 which in turn invokes my DLL. Do I need to create ashell executable that loads my DLL and then call the various methods of the DLL or, is there a more direct way to use the Inspector?

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Inspector performs dynamic analysis, you need to run your binary. With a DLL
you just create a main executable and call the functions of the DLL. Inspector
will analyze both binaries.


Ah, as I thought. One needs to use indirection meaning writing a shell (mian) executable, loading the DLL and calling the various functions of the DLL. I wanted to see if there was a betterway of going about this. Thank you for your rapid response.


Hi Scott,You may want to use the Static Security Alalizer available in conjunction with the Intel Composer: will require Inspector XE, however)


You might also consider just using explorer.exe as your shell as you do with the debugger. Inspector's dynamic annotation won't be able to tell the difference between an .exe that you wrote and a 3rd part .exe. One problem with this approach might be that Inspector will try to analyze explorer.exe, and so it might take quite a while (and memory) to get to the point where explorer.exe loads your dll and starts exercising your code.


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