obvious memory errors not detected

obvious memory errors not detected

Hi, i use parallel studio 2011 inspector in memory checker mode. I write a small test

double *pointer=new double[20];

pointer=new double[20];

delete []pointer;

but my memory checker dose not see any leaks! i configure my compiler like here


But its still not workong!

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Could you please share your project?If needed, I can convert this forum thread to a private in order to exchange confidential information and source codes.


Sure, i can do itpublic - this project just an win32 console project with those 3 strings. But if you want to see a settings, can you say me how i can share this project in vs 2010? Just add all files?

Zip the project and attach to this thread ('Add Files' in the control pane of the editor)


Funny, looks like it was my mistake. I write cin>>i; in the end of programm for waiting and always close it by clicking "close" so in this case of terminate inspector not working correct, but if i let programm close itself everything is fine!


Downloadapplication/zip MemtestTEST.zip1.37 MB

Hi,This is the intended behaviour of the Inspector. An application should exit in a "normal way", i.e. without termination.Thanks.


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