Exluding Modules in Inspector doesn't seem to work for me

Exluding Modules in Inspector doesn't seem to work for me

Hi Folks,

I don't seem to be able to exclude modules properly. I have edited the advanced properties of my exe and added the following list of modules to ignore.

E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseOIS.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasefmodex.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseberkelium.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseMyGUIEngine.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasePocoFoundation.dll, C:Windowssystem32d3dx9_43.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasepluginsRenderSystem_Direct3D9.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasepluginsPlugin_OctreeSceneManager.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasepluginsPlugin_CgProgramManager.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasecg.dll, E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseOgreMain.dll

This doesn't seem to work as the modules are loaded (messages in the "Collector Messages" window) and memory errors are even reported from these modules.

Like this: -

Analysis started for E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccomaincodeSiroccoVS2005ReleaseOrc.exe (pid = 7324) 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasefmod_event.dll, address range [0x002a0000-0x002e6fff] 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccomaincodeSiroccoVS2005ReleaseOrc.exe, address range [0x00400000-0x00ad5fff] 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleasefmodex.dll, address range [0x00b50000-0x00d1afff], minimal analysis 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseberkelium.dll, address range [0x00d20000-0x026d9fff], minimal analysis 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseOIS.dll, address range [0x10000000-0x1001bfff], minimal analysis 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseOgreMain.dll, address range [0x511f0000-0x51c31fff], minimal analysis 
Loaded module: E:WorkspacetrunkSiroccotestTestReleaseMyGUIEngine.dll, address range [0x56410000-0x566e9fff], minimal analysis 
Loaded module: C:Windowssystem32d3dx9_43.dll, address range [0x59da0000-0x59f9efff], minimal analysis 

I am using VS 2010 with Win 7 64 bit home premium

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
All the best,

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Hi,Would you please attach the compressed directory of your results collected?

Hi Vladimir,Thanks for the reply, I have attached the directory compressed with 7zip. If this isn't suitable I can repackage.Thanks!Ash


Downloadapplication/x-7z-compressed r030.7z1.44 MB

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