Possible False Positive?

Possible False Positive?

Hi Folks,

I can't see why I am getting this error.

void AeroDynamics::setWingsFromParams()
        ComponentPropertyPtr fw = _aeroParams->prop("FrontWingAngle");
        ComponentPropertyPtr rw = _aeroParams->prop("RearWingAngle");

        _frontWingDegrees = fw->valueFloat();
        _rearWingDegrees = rw->valueFloat();


I am getting a "Uninitialized partial memory access" error on line 8. When I trace the fw variable contains properly initialized variables.

aeroParams is a CarComponent variable: -

class ComponentProperty{
		string name;
		string valueString;
		bool dynamic;
		string defaultValue;
		float min,max;
		float valueFloat(){
			float res = atof(valueString.c_str());
			return res;
		int valueInt(){
			return atoi(valueString.c_str());

		float valuePercent(){
			return 100.0f * (valueFloat() - min) / (max-min);

		void setValuePercent(float percent){
			float ratio = MathUtil::limit(percent,0.0f,100.0f) / 100.0f;

			float val = (ratio * (max - min)) +min;
			valueString = STR(val);

			name = "";
			valueString = "";
			dynamic = false;
			defaultValue = "";
			min = -;
			max = 0;

	typedef std::shared_ptr ComponentPropertyPtr;
	typedef std::map ComponentPropertyList;
	typedef std::shared_ptr ComponentPropertyListPtr;

	class CarComponent{
			ownedByPlayer = false;
			price = 0;
			componentId = carId = type = name = filename = description = picture = "";
 string componentId;
		string carId;
		string type;
		string name;
		string filename;
		bool ownedByPlayer; // Only used when transferring to menus, don't trust otherwise
		int price; // In credits
		ComponentPropertyList propertyList;
		string description;
		string picture;
		SPTR prop(const string &propName){
			auto res = propertyList.find(propName);
			if (res == propertyList.end()){
				throw "Property Not Found";
				return res->second;


	typedef std::shared_ptr CarComponentPtr;
	typedef std::vector CarComponentList;
	typedef std::shared_ptr CarComponentListPtr;

I do think that both the CarComponent and the ComponentProperty are correctly. Any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks for your help
All the best,

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Actually from the stack trace it is complaining about _threadhandle (line 8 above is aerodynamics.cpp:154)

MSVCR100.dll!_threadhandle - :0x000230b0
MSVCR100.dll!swab - :0x0002328e
MSVCR100.dll!swab - :0x00023357
MSVCR100.dll!swab - :0x00023386
Orc.exe!setWingsFromParams - aerodynamics.cpp:154
Orc.exe!AeroDynamics - aerodynamics.cpp:67
Orc.exe!initDefaults - vehicle.cpp:483
Orc.exe!Vehicle - vehicle.cpp:165
Orc.exe!initCarPhysics - mastercarobject.cpp:146
Orc.exe!init - mastercarobject.cpp:92
Orc.exe!loadCar - cardatamanager.cpp:199
Orc.exe!switchPlayerCar - gameeventhandler.cpp:1753
Orc.exe!initRace - gameeventhandler.cpp:1784

Any idea what the problem could be?

The message about "partial" typically means size difference. It looks like the right hand side of line 8 is a float. if the left hand side is a double - that might be why Intel Parallel Inspector might be reporting a diagnostic. The recipient is larger than what is being provided.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. Both sides are floats in this case. Any other reasons as to why there would be a problem?


Hi David,

Thanks for the tip, I tracked it down to the atof. I switched the functionality so that when the value is set the atof is done then rather than in the valueFloat. This has reduced the amount of errors reported greatly.

I do think this is a bug, conversions like this shouldn't be marked as an error IMO, especially as it's explicitly cast.

Thanks again!
All the best,

Hello Ash,
I did some tests here to reproduce the issue here. Below is what I am doing.

(Note: I have ensured that the function "atof" is getting called in the below code.)

char bank_balance_str[20];
scanf("%s", bank_balance_str); //reading a floating point value from the user

float bank_balance_float = atof((const char*)bank_balance_str);
double bank_balance_double = bank_balance_float;

Please let me know if your code is doing something different from the above.

Inspector XE did not report any problems although the C++ compiler
warned about possible loss of data when assigning a double (atof returns
a double) to a float type variable. Could you please send me some code
snippets that I can try here?

Also, can you please tell me the datatype of the variable "_frontWingDegrees" in your code?

We greatly appreciate you being very active in the forum.


Hi Krishna,

_frontWingDegrees is declared as float. The only difference I can see in the code is that bank_balance_str is a char array rather than a string. I've heard that there are some memory problems with strings in VS 2010 (non-SP1) that are fixed in SP1. I am using VS 2010(non-SP1) at the moment.

Perhaps that is the problem. I also get similar problems reported when I'm putting a float into a file stream (with my log files). Perhaps it is converting using a atof too?

Are you using VS 2010 to test? It may be that VS 2010 is at fault here?

All the best,

Yes. I am using VS 2010 but can't see how that could be a problem. I will try using string now and see what happens. Thanks for the above note, Ash.


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