No Upgrade button for Parallel Studio

No Upgrade button for Parallel Studio

my support for both Intel Parallel Studio licenses appears to be still active but is showing today as expiration date. Problem is that it is changing the expiration date to current day every day this week. I don't know if this is connected somehow to the missing upgrade button for both product. According to what I read on the site I should be eligible for free upgrade to 2011. Could you please assist ?


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Can somebody please assist here ?
Our environment already migrated to VS2010 and this is a very serious issue currently since the Parallel Studio is not compatible with it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alexander,
Let me investigate and will get back to you ASAP. Appreciate your patience.

I am seeing this error as well, i have 8 licenses that I need to upgrade to 2011 still and the link directions are not working for me.

Any update on this?

Hi Will,
There used to be a problem with serial numbers showing up and therefore problem with seeing the upgrade link which was rectified.

If you still have problems could you please file a request to get it resolved in the following forum dedicated to download, licensing and registration at:

The support folks will respond to you right away towards resolution if you can please file the issue in the above forum as it's meant for handling licensing, registration and download issues in addition to any upgrade problems etc - appreciate much.


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