unable to upgrade for use with VS 2010

unable to upgrade for use with VS 2010


This site, and other claims made by your company indicate that I was promised an upgrade for use with visual studio 2010.


Yet when I try to upgrade I am routed around through a repeating set of web pages but never seem to find anything that can be downloaded.

Finally I decide that maybe https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/myproducts.aspx is where something useful might happen. There are products listed there but it doesnt say what version. When I download the parallel studio option I get a file named "parallel_studio_sp1_setup.exe", but I still dont know what version of the product this is. Flying blind, I try to installed this version, but it does not appear to work with visual studio 2010.

Dont know how to proceed.

Calling Intel customer support leads to the hibbert group?

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I apologize for the
confusion. Can you do the following - From
the link you noted (http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-parallel-studio-updates/

1.) Click on the Lean more link.
The Parallel Studio product home page will appear.

2.) Now click on the Whats New tab.
At the bottom of the Whats New page, information about Upgrade to
Intel Parallel Studio 2011 for FREE appears.

3.) Click on the Upgrade today link at the end of the paragraph. You
should be directed to the Intel Registration Center. Log-in as needed.

4.) The My Software Development Products page is displayed. Look for the Intel Parallel Studio section in
the list of your products.

Do you see something like the



Thanks for your help Rob. I did in fact discover that path through the web pages, but I am still stuck in mirkwood. I see the following, but no version numbers are specified nor any release notes indicating what version of external dependencies exist such as what version of VS.

Here are the versions I see. Based on the dates it doesnt look to promising, but one can only guess. I did try the first line - which results in a download of the file parallel_studio_sp1_setup.exe.

Intel Parallel Studio

  • Intel Parallel Studio (all tools)
  • Service Pack 1

    16 Nov 2009

  • Intel Parallel Amplifier
  • Update 3

    26 May 2010

  • Intel Parallel Composer
  • Update 6

    19 Apr 2010

  • Intel Parallel Inspector
  • Update 2

    30 Oct 2009

    Thank you for the additional information. I am researching this and hope to have information soon. thank you for your patience.
    RobIntel Support

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