Intel prallel Inspector with VS 2005

Intel prallel Inspector with VS 2005

Hi, We are using intel prallel inspector for memory leak detection in x64 bit platforms. And we want to integrate with visual studio 2005. But we dont have any VS projects or solutions files,we use dmake/gmake to build our code. So i am not finding a way to integrate intel parallel studio inspector with our dmake/gmake build environment. Any suggestions or reference web links will be really helpful. Thanks for your time.-Thanks,Hari..

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If I understood right, as youre not using VS2005 projects, youre using VS compiler only by calling it from make files. VS integration of Parallel Inspector is used with VS projects to be run from VS graphical interface.If your build environment is run from command line, you can start Parallel Inspector from command line as well. You can add CLI commands to your build scripts. Documentation about CLI interface of Intel Parallel Inspector can be found here: the solution can be using CLI interface of Parallel Inspector. Actually there are only two ways to use the product: from VS graphical interface of from command line. If you can't use VS2005 GUI interface, use CLI.


Intel Parallel Inspector plugs into Visual Studio. If you have a Visual Studio project Parallel Inspector can read in that information for ease of use. If you do not have a parallel studio project you can still use Parallel Inspector - just use the directions in the link below(from ourparallel inspector knowledge base)- as though you just have the binary.

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