OpenCV & parallel apmlifier

OpenCV & parallel apmlifier

I am using OpenCV in my project. By default are visible only some functions (cvRound, cvMat...) in parallel amplifier, but ones likeCvANN_MLP::calc_activ_func_derivare unvisible.How I can to see all OpenCV functions'srunning time? May be are any compiler keys?
P.S. OpenCV compiled with -g

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Are you certain you didn't compile with any optimizations such as in-lining, which would hide functions?

Yes, I'm sure. I compiled in Debug mode.
C++ flags: -g -O0 -ggdb3 -D DEBUG


I'll move this thread to our Intel Parallel Studio forum, where one of our Technical Consulting Engineers can have a look.

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If you disabled compiler's optimizationoptionsfor "inline" (e.g. "O2" for icc), and with "-g" for generating symbols. VTune Amplifier should display all hot functions.

One possibility is that workload of CvANN_MLP::calc_activ_func_derivis slight- so that function isNOT ahot function when running analysis.

Thanks, Peter

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