Does Parallel Studio work in VS2010?

Does Parallel Studio work in VS2010?

Got a new Window 7 computer withVS2010 andfound out that Parallel Studiofailed installation!
Itried withboth mylicensed Parallel Studio CDand the downloaded Parallel Studio 2011. The result is the same - "could not detect VS2005 or VS2008" and installation aborted.I hope it is a glitch rather thana new wave of software upgrade!

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Yes, VS2010 is supported in the latest Parallel Studio 2011 product (update1 is the latest). You would get that message if you were using the initial Intel Parallel Studio donwload (2009) as that supported only VS2005 and VS2010.

In the %TEMP% directory of your system (whatever is set for TEMP in your environment) you'll find the
*issa.log and *pset.log files with parallel_studio_2011_install prefix. If you can attach those files, I can pass it on to the install team for investigation to see what's going on?


This could be where the missing information.
I think my Parallel Studio CD is 2009version since I bought it first half of 2010.
So it is not PS 2011! and my Intel support status is still active.
Do I qualify for a freeupgrade to PS 2011 since my version is not working on my current PC? Or amI stucked to pay for a new version of PS 2011? !!

BTW, don't see any intel related log in my TEMP directory.

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