Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Update 2 install fails

Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Update 2 install fails


I am attempting to install "Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Update 2" today, but the install always fails.

o I see this message via a popup (we are routed through a proxy for www access here).

"Install program failed to establish an Internet connection for activation. You will be taken to offline activation steps"

o Next I see the Activation - Acrivate Remotely page. I follow the 5 steps to the letter, but when pasting the unlock code I always see this message.

"The response entered is incorrect."

I orginally purchased "Intel Parallel Studio", and then successfully (I was persistent) installed the free upgrade to Intell Parallel Studio 2011.

I am installing to 64 bit windows seven with visual studio 2005, 2008, and 2010 installed.


Jeff Hill

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Do you have the .lic license and
have you attempted to install using the .lic file? If not, can you attempt to install using the
.lic file method outlined in the following article. The main steps are copying the .license files
over to a specified directory and, two, setting the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE system
variable so that it point to the .lic file.

Review the
section near the bottom titled If you have a single user license, follow the simple steps
below. Do not use FLEXlm* License Manager for a single user license.

For faster start up support, you may wish to post to theIntel Software Development Products Download, Registration
& Licensing forum at

Let us know if you need further assistance.



Presumably I would need to follow the single user lic steps on that page, but this is problematic because there are many (eight) files like this, and I dont know which one to reference in the environment variable.


The INTEL_LICESNCE_FILE variable currently has this value on my system.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses

I look through my old mail and there are several Intel licence files there, but they all have names that dont match the ones at $(INTEL_LICESNCE_FILE).



You can set the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE system environment variable as the path. You do not need to specify the specific license (.lic) file. The product will locate the first available license. However, there can be issues if there are old expired evaluation licenses or such in the directory. I will send you via Intel Registration Center email your Parallel Studio 2011 license file (will be an attached .lic file) - separate from this publicforum / post.

The .lic file should have as part of the file name your serial number. You can use this to match up against other .lic files you may have in the directory.

If you need to provide license, serial number, etc. information be sure to mark the post as private.
Let me know how it goes.



Thanks for your assistance. I had some time today, I retrieved your licence file from my inbox, and successfully install the product update. Perhaps its a bit inconvienent to require a new licence file when installing an update, but I am grateful to get 2011 when I installed originally the previous version so please take this as positive feedback and not as a complaint.


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