Setting environment variables for Intel Composer XE 2011 (Linux)

Setting environment variables for Intel Composer XE 2011 (Linux)


I am student and trying to parallelize some of my programs using both Intel TBB and Intel Cilk Plus. I got individual free version of "Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011" for linux and have installed it with all defaults components. Now to set environment variable for "Intel Composer XE 2011", I tried the suggested command;

[x_akhal@neolith1 ~]$ source intel_parallel_studio_xe/bin/
ERROR: Unknown switch 'PROD_DIR=/home/x_akhal/intel_parallel_studio_xe/composerxe-2011.4.191'. Accepted values: ia32, intel64

[x_akhal@neolith1 ~]$ source intel_parallel_studio_xe/bin/compilervars.csh
-bash: intel_parallel_studio_xe/bin/compilervars.csh: line 36: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I tried commands both for as well as compilervars.csh since I dont know which one I have to run. I dont know how to use accepted values ia32/intel64 as first command error says. What I need to do?

PS: I also dont know if intel composer is the right place to use TBB and Cilk Plus in my programs. I tried simple commands such as "$icpc -ltbb" but it seems not working for tbb since it gives error like "catastrophic error: can not open tbb/parallel_for.h". Please suggest how should I go. Thanks

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The script accepts a parameter pointing to architecture. If your machine is IA-32, use ia32:
source intel_parallel_studio_xe/bin/ ia32

Your shell is bash, so use .sh, not .csh. The following command can show your system architecture:
file /usr/bin/file

For setting up environment please go through getting started documentation of interested products:


Oh Thank you so much, I found it out; it was intel64...

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