Installer issue: non-standard installation directory

Installer issue: non-standard installation directory


During installation of "parallel_studio_xe_2011_update2" on Linux, in step 4 of 6, the installer asks in what directory the software needs to be installed.

However, when specifying anything other than "/opt/intel", a directory "/opt/intel" is still created very early in the installation process that will hold installation log files and (more importantly) the downloaded license files.Because of the latter, if one removes the /opt/intel after installation, the software will cease to work.

This appears to be an installer bug; at best, it is very unexpected behavior. Other installers may be affected as well, of course.

Regards, Sidney

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Thank you for the reported behavior. I will take a look at this and hope to have
an update soon.



This behavior appears to be by design possibly to standardize
where Intel licenses can be found across multiple installations. The behavior going at least as far back as
the initial release of Intel Parallel Studio is for the license file(s) to be
stored in /opt/intel/licenses. The option
to change the product install directory applies to the products and not the
license file(s) directory.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns about this


Hi Rob, thanks for looking into this.

The behavior as implemented is unexpected, given the texts that are presented during installation.

I think it is a rather questionable decision to create an "/opt/intel" without explicit approval or notification of the sysadmin.

I would kindly suggest that, at the very least, a note should be displayed that this directory will be created independent of the install directory choice, to hold licenses and installation logs, during step 4 of the installer.



Thank you for this valuable feedback. I will discuss this with the installer
development team. I hope to have an
update for you soon.

- Rob


I have tested and documented the behavior for developments review. There is agreement from some that this is
something that needs to be addressed. Currently,
information is not available when this might be implemented in a future release
of the product. However, I will update
this thread as soon as I have additional information. Let me know if you have questions or concerns.


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