Parallel Amplifier can't load data

Parallel Amplifier can't load data

Hi I'm new to Parallel Studio and interested in finding hotspots in my apps. I followed the tutorial directions in setting up VS for Parallel studio and ran the profiler for my app. However once I killed my app, I got the following output:

Analysis completed successfully
The result file 'r00hs.ampl' was added to My Amplifier Results project folder

An error occurred during result finalization
The result you are opening does not contain data. An error could have occurred during data collection.

Can you advise me what to do?

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Also the output window said:
Warning: Cannot load data file `\My Amplifier Results\r000hs\data.0\6408-6796.0.trace' (Data file is corrupted)
The 6408-6796.0.trace file was present at that location but had a file size of 0.


Can you see if the following
changes the behavior?

1.) Can you run the analysis
to full conclusion assuming your application does not run for so long.
2.) Do other analysis types work?
3.) Does Amplifier work when
running the same analysis type on the Tachyon sample that comes with the
4.) Is there an opportunity
to evaluate the XE version of the tool.
In this case Intel VTune Amplifier XE?
There is additional control and granularity.

This information will provide
additional scope to the issue and direction for next steps.


I built my app in Debug mode and it works now. So I can't have it running for Release mode?

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