installation documentation linux

installation documentation linux

I was trying to find out more information on how to setup my development enviornment with Fedora 15, but it is in short supply. It install everything into /opt/intel directory and this isn't normal behavior.

I was going to look at the documentation to see if it was any help, but I can't find any. Can some one help.

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Fedora 15 hasn't yet been validated with the current released products. Nevertheless, the Parallel Studio XE installer may issue warnings about unsupported OS or missing system components, but in principle it should work. If your Fedora 15 is a 64-bit platform you may need to install additional system components when compiling 32-bit applications.

Installing the Parallel Studio components into /opt/intel is the default. You can of course change the installation directory if you want. Did you see any errors during installation and did installation stop? If yes, what was/were the error message(s)?

Regards, Hubert.

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