Is Visual Studio required to run Parallel Studio

Is Visual Studio required to run Parallel Studio

I purchased Parallel Studio thinking that it did not require Microsoft Visual Studio. Did I make a mistake? Also what editor is normally used with Parallel Studio? I assumed it came with a code formatting editor like Lahey and other tools as part of the package.

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Yes, Intel Parallel Studio requires Visual Studio. Please refer to release notes:

If you need to use Intel tools without Visual Studio, you can use Intel Parallel Studio XE.It has standalone GUI for Amplifier XE and Inspector XE. Intel composer can be used standalone as well, but from command line. There is no Intel editor for source code. Usually Visual Studio or third partyeditors are used.


Ok. Actually I was not precise in my initial statement. I do have Parallel Studio XE installed and I installed it while a trial license of Microsoft Visual Studio was active on the same machine. I've since decided not to buy the license for Visual Studio due to the additional cost, the trial expired and thus I uninstalled it thinking that Parallel Studio XE was a standalone application but now Parallel Studio won't run and when I attempt to use the repair option in the Parallel Studio installer I get an error that says Visual Studio is not present and must be installed. I guess I'll just have to go ahead and purchase the Microsoft software.

Maybe I'll try removing Parallel Studio completely and then reinstalling it. One irritation issue is that the Visual Studio un-installer left behind a bunch of stuff and I'm not sure whats actually needed for my system and whats not, typical MS operation.

Intel Parallel Studio XE doesn't require Visual Studio, but has integratuion into VS GUI. It looks like the integration components became orphans after uninstalling VS. I think the most direct, fast and clean solution is just remove and install the IPS XE again, as you are planning. There shouldn't be problems after the new installation, as no VS integration components will be installed this time. It should work well without VS.

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