C++ Sample doesn't build

C++ Sample doesn't build

I just installed Intel C++ Studio XE for Windows. I was trying to work my way thru the Getting Started Tutorials. The first sample is matirx_vector_multiplication_c. I selected the Intel C++ compiler but could not set all the properties the tutorial specifies. When I bring up the properties for the project the Intel Specific properties for Optimization and Language are missing. I am using Visual Studio Professional 2010.

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The Getting Started tutorials mostly describe VS2008 interface. In VS2010 there is no exact "Intel specific" section. Instead of it there is another Optimization tab, that is called "Optimization [Intel C++]". So in the tree of sections under Configuration properties->C/C++ you should see:
Optimization [Intel C++]

So you should find Intel specific properties there. Same thing with Language.


I don't see the Optimization [Intel C++] in the list under C/C++. I did set the projec to Use Intel C++

Changed to x64 configuration and now I see the Intel options and it builds. Although I would have thought I should be able to build 32 bit apps as well ????

There are versions of Intel Composer XE (and Intel Parallel Studio XE) for 32-bit, 64-bit and both 32 and 64-bit development. Maybe you have one for 64-bit only?
Check for icl command line here:
All programs -> Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 -> Command prompt -> Parallel Studio XE with Intel Compiler XE ...
There are should be two shortcuts, 32-bit with VS2010 and 64-bit with VS2010. If there is no 32-bit, you have 64-bit composer only. If both persist, there maybe some issues during installation, so 32-bit composer (or VS integration)wasn't installed correctly. In this case you may try to re-install the Composer XE, if you're certain your version is both 32 and 64.

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