Visual Studio 2010 + Intel Composer 2011 XE always compiles every file in my source

Visual Studio 2010 + Intel Composer 2011 XE always compiles every file in my source

Problem: Visual Studio 2010 and Intel Composer XE 2011 (trial) always recompile *every* source file in my solution even when I have only changed a small subset.Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build project, build log*:
  2. Add a empty line to a single source file (not a header)
  3. Build project, build log*:

Expect outcome: only that source file is recompiled, as I click "build" not "rebuild"Actual outcome: all files are recompiled.The build logs show tons of errors but it's hard to grok which are relevant and which aren't.Thanks in advance for looking it over ...* Sanitized to replace my name with $USER, the project name with $PROJECT and the source files with $SOURCE_FILE_# for each unique .cpp.

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Bump for a little loving? It's quite irritating to have builds take forever when you just tweak a single file.

Hi Oren,

You can change the followingOptions:
Under Tools / Options / Projects and Solutions / Build and Run, choose "On run, when projects are out of date: Never build". Then, manually build the project only where sourcecode has been editedand finally run the startup project.

Hope it will help you.

Thanks and Regards,

Any chance of finding a real fix for this issue? The suggested work-around leaves a lot to be desired - most developers like to trust their tools to properly build projects. The attached sample project exhibits the issue. It has two source files - if either is touched the whole project rebuilds. This only happens when building for x64 using Intel Compiler XE 12 tool set. It also seems that this has only started happening recently - perhaps a recent VS2010 update has caused it? I'm on Win7...


Downloadapplication/zip AlwaysRebuilds.zip3.13 KB

I installed the latest version of Parallel Studio (XE 2011 SP1) and the problem still persists.

Hi,Please, take a look at guess it's the same problem.

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