Installation of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 on ArchLinux

Installation of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 on ArchLinux

Hello everyone,This is my first post here.I'm sorry if my question has been answered somewhere else in these forums, I've searched already but couldn't find and answer.Does anyone know if it's possible to install Intel Parallel Studio XE on an ArchLinux system? This distribution is unsupported and the installation has problems detecting the kernel (right now ArchLinux runs the 3.0.1 kernel) or glibc (?).Is there any way to complete the installation?Thanks,

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The distribution and kernel 3.0 are unsupported. Intel Parallel Studio XE is provided in binaries created for different versions, so you likely will not be able to install. You may try to install to unsupported distribution but with supported kernel. This has more chances to success, but again, the setup is unsupported and you make this on your own account.


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