How to use parallel inspector for a exe which runs as windows servcie.

How to use parallel inspector for a exe which runs as windows servcie.

I have a exe which runs as a service. How can i user the parallel inspector for this exe to dectect memory errors.
Parallel inspector gives the options only to launch a exe, but my exe is already running as a service.

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there is not a way for Intel Inspector XE to attach to process. In order to
obtain result confidence, Intel Inspector XE needs to analyze the application
from beginning to end. If there is a way
for Intel Inspector XE to launch the application, then the application can be
analyzed. Additional information about a
similar use was written in the following forum thread, which may be of



We will
research this further as there does appear to be interest in analyzing
application in the way you described. We
will update this forum thread as soon as additional information is available.


The following document
describes how to analyze a Windows* service with Intel Inspector XE 2011

- Rob

-Take a look at command line options of your Windows service. SomeWindows services could be
executed in a Debug mode as regular Win32 applications for debugging (!);

- Take a look at a Microsoft'sPlatform SDK example 'Service' located at:

any year )>\Samples\WinBase\Service

and, if you have the source codes you could add such functionality for debugging or inspections with Parallel Inspector.

Best regards,

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