Parallel Amplifier failed to finalize data ( Dicer Error )

Parallel Amplifier failed to finalize data ( Dicer Error )

Hi. I am attempting to run Intel Parallel Amplifier on my program. I started my program using Amplifier's "Profile" button. I let my program run for about a minute and close it.

The Amplifier results say "Analysis completed successfully. The result file r002hs.ampl was added to My Amplifier Results project folder."

Below that it says "An error occured during result finalization. The result cannot be finalized." There is also a "close" button.

In the debug output window, I see these mesages from Intel Parallel Amplifier:

Warning: kernel32.dll instrumentation requested more than once ...

Warning: kernel32.dll instrumentation requested more than once ...

Warning: ws2_32.dll instrumentation requested more than once ...

Finalizing the result took 1.993 seconds

[16:04:59] Error 0x4000001f (Dicer error)

Do you know why Amplifier would be failing to finalize the results? I have a feeling this "dicer error" is the key but I don't know what that means or how to fix it. Searching google doesn't bring up any results either.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated

Thank you

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I am still unable to use the Intel Parallel Amplifier. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

Still having the same problem.

A little more info if it helps:

I'm using Visual Studio 2005.
Running Windows 7

Amplifier Version:
Intel Parallel Amplifier Update 2, (build 76442), Copyright 2008-2009 Intel Corporation

I see there's a service pack for parallel ampfliter (Update 3). Installing that and will try again.


Apologies for the lack of
response. It is good to hear that you
found Update 3. Attempting analysis with
the latest update is the first best course of action. If this fails, we can gather additional detail
about the situation, logging, application type being analyzed, analysis types
and options used in trouble shooting and narrowing the scope of the problem.

To assist in narrowing the
scope of the behavior, make sure that you are able to successfully obtain
analysis of other applications. One good
test is the Tachyon sample application which comes with the product. This provides a good baseline of what is and
is not working.

In addition, you may wish
to attempt analysis using Intel VTune Amplifier XE. The XE product contains advanced analysis capabilities.

- Rob

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your response.

I have updated to Update 3 for Parallel Amplifier.

I tried running amplifier on another program we developed (a lightweightconsole app that runs, then closes itself) and that works fine with amplifier. It shows the results and what functions take the most time, etc

Now, when I try running Amplifier on the originalprogram I want to test, the program immediately crashes. It does not crash when running normally.

After running Amplifier, and the program crashes, I see this in the output window for "Intel Parallel Amplifier Messages":

Warning: kernel32.dll instrumentation requested more than once ...

Warning: Cannot load data file `F:\XXXXXX\My Amplifier Results\r007hs\data.0\2828-7260.0.trace' (Data file is corrupted)

Finalizing the result took 0.099 seconds

(For privacy reasons, I've replaced the path in the message with XXXXXX. the actual path used was a valid path on my machine)

Do you know why thesedatafiles would be corrupted? I thought it might be write-permissions but I am running Visual Studio 2005 as administrator.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you.


Interesting error. Are you running / working with a debug
version of the application to be analyzed?

If you are running a debug
version, does the results directory r007hs, for example, or a fresh analysis
provide a directory with data in the directory?
Does the trace file contain data?
It might be useful for us to take a look at the results directory. If so, if you would like, go ahead and zip up
the results directory and attach to the forum as a private thread post.

Also, I am assuming you
are not attaching to an process or PID.
If so, let me know. This may take
us down a different path.

Is there an option to run
an evaluation of Intel VTune Amplifier XE latest release Update 5 to see if
XE experiences different behavior?

You can obtain an
evaluation of the XE product at

- Rob

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