Plot variation of LLc miss rate w,r.t time using Intel Vtune

Plot variation of LLc miss rate w,r.t time using Intel Vtune

I need to run SPEC benchmark programs on a dual core machine and sample the L2 miss rate w.r.t time
( profile). How do i create the memory access profile of a program ?

Sapna prabhu

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The Intel VTune Amplifier XE helps you ascertain L2 cache misses on Intel microarchitecture processors. I assume you have some basic familiarity with the tool (if not please refer to the getting started guide available here: ) such as creating a project, using the project properties dialog to provide details such as application to launch, working directory, application parameters etc.

Once you're past the above, depending on the Intel microarchitecture (such as Nehalem, Sandy Bridge etc), you can choose to profile L2 misses. VTune Amplifier XE would launch your application and profile it as it runs. You can either wait for the application to finish or stop the analysis at any time if you so desire.

VTune Amplifier XE would then provide a results file which should have details such as the number of L2 misses your application caused and also point you to the source code line in your application. In addition, you get a timeline view showing L2 miss events along the timeline (you can use the powerful zoom and filter capabilities to narrow down on interesting sections). Does this answer your question? Is there anything else that you are looking for?


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