Cann`t upgrade

Cann`t upgrade

I got the usual warning email saying a new version of Intel Composer is
available for download.Clicked on the link and I see the page of my
products where Intel Parallel Studio ,composer versions ,etc are shown.When I
press on the composer link all info is removed and I got a web page in blank saying no products are registered.Pressing back to the previous page that was OK , and I
see now the same error (no products registered.

By the way WHY USERS of the PARALLEL STUDIO CANNT UPGRADE TO INTEL C++ XE?it seems we bought a product that cann`t be upgraded rather than buying from scratch the upper version (XE).

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I suggest you log out from the Intel Registration Center and log in again - sometimes this will clear the problem about "no products registered". If you continue to have problems with the Intel Registration Center, please ask in the Registration,Downloads and Licensing forum.

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