Can't load icc-converted projectfile after installing update7

Can't load icc-converted projectfile after installing update7


After installing "composer_2011_update7_setup" I load my msc-projectfile and converted it sucessful for using ICC.
No error occured during the conversion, but the new converted projectfile can not be loaded.
Looking up update7 is sucessful installed
Looking up project is sucessful converted but not available
I didseveral times adeinstallation of update7 and a new install of update7.
If I now lookup we can see multiple entries
That means deinstallation worked not properly....
If I try to load the successful converted blue icc projectfile Iget error load integration package

I tried to convert several projectfile, but got allways the same error, none of the project can be loaded after conversion to ICC

It looks like update7 destroid compilerintegration

Some help appreciated
thanks heinz

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I have same problem from update 6......Waiting for a new releaseto solve problem, but update 7 still thesame....

Hmm... No answer since a half year now.
MeanwhileI deinstalled all Intel products from the machine.
It would be nice to know if "composer_2011_update7_setup" has definitive installation/deinstallation errors in a multi developer environment.


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