Windows Pthreads

Windows Pthreads

I tried to use Intel Parallel Inspector (IPI) on Windows, but I am using pthreads and IPI does not know about pthreads on Windows and therefore gives a lot of warnings about potential data race conditions.

Is there a way for me to inform IPI the lock and unlock functions of the pthreads library so IPI knows that proper lock/unlock is done so IPI will not give false warnings?

I suppressed the warnings, but after suppressing hundreds of warnings, I am not confident that proper checking is being done (perhaps legitimate errors are being suppressed do to the requirement to suppress at such a low level).

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Hello Boyd,

Pthreads on Windows are not supported. You may report a feature request in
How do you build your pthread application? What compiler do you use? GCC on Windows like Cygwin is unsupported configuration.



IPI may be using the function signature for it's supported lock and unlock (e.g. that from TBB).
If you are not using TBB in your application, then try lifting its lock/unlock functions, extract the body of the function and replace it with the pthreads equivalent. Thus creating a lock/unlock function signature the same as for TBB (but performing your particular lock request).

Jim Dempsey

Thank you for the clever suggestion.

I have also submitted an example project to Intel to see if they might be able to provide support for Windows Pthreads.

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