Are there special update files available?

Are there special update files available?

Hello! I've just gotten my Intel Parallel Studio XE installation back on track after a failed upgrade from F15-F16. Luckily, though, I kept my /home dir in a separate partition. Anyway, my Parallel Studio version is Update 2, and I noticed that there were new versions (like SP1 Update 2). Is there any way to update these through jidgo, yum/presto (using delta rpms), or any of those "only-downloads-changes" kind of things? Thanks.

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The current released version
of Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux* is version 2011 (SP1 Update 1). As you may already know (but for the benefit
of the forum thread) you can download updates for each of the products
contained in Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux* or you can download the
Studio installer package from the Intel Registration Center (IRC) at
After you have logged in, the first page displays your available products for
download. From this perspective you can install a specific product that may
have been updated or the entire Studio Package depending on your needs.

Currently delta RPM installation
is not available. The packages available
at the IRC are the packages available to install the product. I took a look for any enhancement requests
for this functionality and did not find a request. I can attempt a request. However, I am not certain if this is
functionality that Development would implement for various reasons. Let me know if you would like me to attempt
an enhancement request on your behalf.

- Rob

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