Installation Failing with VS 2010 Pro

Installation Failing with VS 2010 Pro

I am trying to install Parallel Studio 2011 SP1 Update 1 on a WIN7(i64) computer that has Visual Studio Professional. After installation ofIPS XE 2011, VS 201 does not open and gives the following error message:
"Exception has been thrown by target of an invocation".
If I uninstall IPS XE2011 VS 2010 works correctly
Is there a known solution to this issue?

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there are many threads related to this msg on the web as well. The possible reason for your case might be the system directory got pushed out of env-var "path" -

so before install the IPS XE 2011 again, check the "path" env-var, remove all the un-necessary directories. After installing IPS XE 2011, check the "path" again to see if the system directory (e.g. c:\windows;c:\windows\system32) is still there.


I checked env-var path and found:
were present.
Reinstalled IPS XE 2011 SP1.
This reinstall currupted entire env-var file.
Could not open any file in windows directory.
Could not restart computer.
Only option was to shutdown computer
Upon 2nd reboot:
total system failure,
windows would not install.
Recovery Manager could not restore computer.
Rebooted again in Safe Mode and reinstalled all windows system files.

Rebooted again and windows 7opened normally with all User programs installed.
Checked env-var variable "path" and found no change:

Opened VS 2010 and received message:
"C:\Users\H2oGuru\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\Solutionl\TestProjectl\TestProjectl.vcxproj
cannot be opened because its project type (.vcxproj) is not supported by this version of the application.
To open it, please use a version that supports this type of project."
Then VS2010 opened as VS2010 Express with all Pro Projecttemplates missing.
Removed IPS XE 2011 SP1
Reinstalled VS 2010 PRO
Now VS 2010 Opens as VS 2010 Pro with all templates and features working.

Checked env-var variable "path" and found again no change:

Conclusion: Intel Parallel Studio XE SP1 installation code is not compatible with Visual Studio 2010 PRO. It will scramble env-var "path" file and the consequences can be serious.
Intel needs to provide an update that is compatable with VS 2010 Professional.

Sorry to hear that theIPS XE installation did it again.

Did you check how much env-vars used by the system already? usually it does not happen so offten. I do not want you to go through the pain of reinstalling VS2010 though.

Several other choices:
1. install the IPS XE pkg to a dir like "c:\IPS" folder.
2. install only the product you need: Intel C++ Composer XE, Intel Inspector XE, Intel Amplifier XE etc.

We have afeature requestto redesign the installation to avoid overflow the "path". I will attach this CQ to that.


Could you send us the following output?
1. open a cmd prompt from "Start"
2. type "set > x.txt"
3. send us the x.txt - if you'd prefer, use "private" response.

thank you.

go and get the review by an hardware person he will guide you better and in perfect manner

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