Warm body

Warm body

I need a warm body at Intel to talk to about Parallel Studio (Pro C++/Fortran) before I blow a fuse. Who do I call?

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Can you vent some of your frustration here on the forum so that you don't break anything? :-) "Warm body" is not an issue titleto whichmany of us can respond very specifically, but if we have some details, perhaps we can start a helpfuldialog.

Yes, I have a minimum of 4 licensed copies of Parallel Studio (aka "Pro" versions) from v9.1 to 2011. I can't get the Intel web site (registration) to show my copies or get access to downloading updates, except for my most recent license (ver 2011). I need to update 11.0 to 11.1, and I need it last week.

OK, since the topic is the matter of your licenses, let me make this conversation private.

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