If cpu is AMD,Can use Cilk Plus(or parallel studio)??

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Presumably yes, if you are willing to use compatible architecture options, in case you may need to avoid run-time CPU identity checks. For example, if on Windows, /arch:SSE3 /Qimf-arch-consistency:true should cover CPUs of at least the last 5 years.

So the use of /Qimf-arch-consistency:true allows working on AMDs CPUs with SSE3 specialized code ?

I did not know about that and was overwriting the value of __intel_cpu_indicator after my own check of CPU capabilities.

Yes, the arch-consistency option along with /arch: option should remove the role of intel_cpu_indicator as it affects numerical results.

Hi Tim. Let me broad the question. In the case of IML , IPP, etc, some other CPU brand check were made. If I usethe arch-consistency option, how does it matter to those libraries ? The libraries are going to search for a "GENUINE INTEL" or are they going to ovey the previous switch ? Thanks !

Correction : Intel MKL , not iml, sorry ...

The options you set in the compilation don't affect the ipp or mkl performance libraries. Those will continue to identify the category of CPU at run time. Specific questions on that topic would be more appropriate to the associated forum sections. If CPU identification issues should lead to incorrect results, that would be a reportable bug.
I'm not so familiar with IPP. I believe MKL requires SSE2 capable CPU as a minimum (with SSE3 preferred for complex arithmetic), so those versions would be expected to be used on a non-Intel CPU. You might have to submit a feature request ticket to find out if that could change in the future.

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