Is parallel studio XE available for ubuntu 12.04

Is parallel studio XE available for ubuntu 12.04

I downloaded parallel_studio_xe_2011_sp1_update2_intel64 and only later found that it does not support ubuntu 12.04. Is there any version of Parallel studio available for ubuntu 12.04

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Currently Ubuntu 12.04 is not tested by Intel, but this doesn't mean that Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 will not work under Ubuntu 12.04. Some components of the upcoming major release of Parallel Studio XE, for example the Intel Composer XE, will support Ubuntu 12.04.

This article may help to install Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 on Ubuntu 12.04:

On 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 12.04 you may need to add 32-libs support (package ia32-libs) if you want to use the 32-bit compiler of Parallel Studio XE.

I hope this helps,

As to my experience, last two versions of Parallel Studio XE 2011 (sp1, update 2 and 3) for Linux worked fine in Ubuntu 12.04.
However, the newest version 2013 does not work after installation (in Ubuntu 12.04). I noticed that the "bin" folder does not exist after installation of Parallel Studio XE 2013. If anybody tell me what could be the problem?

I have found the same thing as viktor. When installing XE 2013 under Ubuntu 12.04, the links in /opt/intel/bin point to blank files.

Yeah I just have been trying to install XE2013 on unbuntu 12.04 the last two days and found the same things, no bin directory create for 2913 (had one for 2011) and links to blank files. If someone knows a solution please post it here because I haven't found one.

I have had no problems with XE2013 (ia32) with Ubuntu 12.04.. I have avoided the 64bit Ubuntu so not sure if that makes the difference.

I am using the 64bit version.

Installed update 1 of parallel studio XE 2013 (on Ubuntu 12.04 x64) and seems like everything installed perfectly. Still don't know what went wrong with first release.

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