Product serial number is rejected.

Product serial number is rejected.

I am trying to particpate in beta testingIntel Parallel Studio XE beta for Linux and cannot get the installation to accept the product serial number. I have received an email with the information:-

Thank you for participating in the Intel Parallel Studio XE beta for Linux* and Windows* program.

Your serial number for this product registration is  B9XH-XTKZNW3D .
Save this number for future reference.

This software license expires on October 05, 2012.

1.  If you have not done so already, download and save the product from .

2.  Run the downloaded file and proceed through the installation process (requires the above serial number).

If you do not have an Internet connection on the system on which you want to install the software, please select Choose alternative activation in the Activation Options menu that will appear during installation.  This will present a number of options you may use to perform an installation without Internet connectivity.

I have downloaded the fileparallel_studio_xe_2013_beta_intel64.tgz from the link in the email and run the contained script as root.The script rejects the serial number I have been given with the error:"The serial number you provided is not valid for this product."I have tried the alternative of directing the script to use license file BETA_LW___B9XH-XTKZNW3D.lic. The script rejects this with the error:"The license file(s) you provided is not valid for this product."I am working on Fedora 17 and *have* successfully installed the previous beta of the product by entering the same serial number.What might be wrong?

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