Can't install in a custom location

Can't install in a custom location

I recently downloaded Parallel Studio XE 2011 update 3 for intel 64 and installed it on my computer. I wanted to change the install location so I uninstalled and  reran the install script and it told me,
  "The install directory path cannot be changed because at least one software
product component was detected as having already been installed on the system."

Not sure how to get it to change the install directory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Sounds like Linux and user installation. 
The policy for user installs is that products can be installed into an unique directory only. You cannot install different versions of Parallel Studio into different locations on the client machine. If you wish to have a new direcotry for Parallel Studio installation you need to completely uninstall all previous Parallel Studio installations.
Did I hit the point?
Regards, Hubert. 

I have uninstalled using the script provided.  When I try to reinstall it already knows my serial number and the location I initially picked which sounds like it's not completely uninstalled. Do you know of something it may leave behiind?


An uninstall doesn't remove the license. After an uninstall and reinstall the license activation option 'Use existing license' is provided as default option; that's intended behavior.

I understand that and it using the same license is fine with me. My problem is when I installed it I installed it to a non default directory, /opt/studio_xe. This was my mistake and now I want to install it to /opt/intel instead. How do I go about changing where I can install it. You said if I want a new install directory I would have to uninstall all previous versions, I only have one version installed, How would I go about completely uninstalling it? As I stated I ran the uninstall script, which is the only thing I could find online about how to uninstall it, and it doesn't fix my problem since when I go to reinstall it still tells me to to install to /opt/studio_xe. Thanks!

Please search recursively for an under /opt/studio_xe. If there is one, execute it. If not, search for the intel_sdp_products.db file (should be under /opt/intel), make a backup copy and remove all entries starting with /opt/studio_xe from the original intel_sdp_products.db file. This should allow to restart installation in /opt/intel.

Did my advise help? If not, don't hesitate to follow up. Hubert.

I actually moved it to where I wanted it. Unfortunately I haven't had time to make sure it works.

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