Intel Compiler Newbie

Intel Compiler Newbie


We are developing a cross-platform C++11 application and need a C++11 compilant compiler on Windows.  The Intel Compiler 13.0 fits this bill (with a few Partial feature implementations)

We currently build everything through the command line using the waf python tool.  I would like to hook the Intel Compiler in at the command line compiling with the Windows 8 SDK.

I have found the Intel SKU ordering impossible to navigate so would like some help on how to download the intel compiler and license it for multiple users across our company.  Our tool chain automatically downloads dependencies from the cloud so would be good if the Intel compiler could be downloaded and licensed automatically.

I have downloaded a trial of XE composor 2013 and will have a play with that but would really appreciate some guidance!!



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How are you doing with the Intel C++ compiler? still need any help?

For any license issues, you can post the question at this forum:
For Intel C++ Compiler questions, you can post the question here:


I've actually integrated it fully into our waf tool system. However, the current 13.0 release doesn't support noexcept so waiting for a patch release that will hopefully fix it. However it is really difficult to navigate the Intel website to work out when these releases happen. We need noexcept for our C++11 libraries we are writing. If we can get the noexcept support we will have native build support across Windows, Linux and Mac which will be nice! At the moment everything is on hold until noexcept is supported. How can I be notified of releases? RSS? Email subscriptions? Newgroups?

If you register your license, either when invited to do so during installation, or at you will be on the mailing lilst for updates. You can check for availability of downloads on that site.
If you want a chance at progress reports on the specific feature you require, you can file a test case on your account. That account is set up automatically when you register.
A feature such as this ought to be discussed in the release notes for the version when it is implemented.

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