Parallel Composer XE 2013 installation crash

Parallel Composer XE 2013 installation crash

I am trying to install Parallel Composer XE 2013 in my machine under Windows 7 64 bits OS. I have downloaded the exe file and when the instalation starts the software crashes with a windows unexpected error.

I have installed in my machine Composer XE 2011, but I don´t want to uninstall it before I make sure XE 2013 works fine.

Can enyone give me some advise about this issue please? Is there a bug with the XE 2013 installer?

Many thanks

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could you report this issue to the Intel Premier Support ( with the .log files and as well as the last step you've seen? This may take many iterations.

The .log files are located under the [temp] folder.


I cannot access the support page, maybe it is because I have the student edition of composer XE 2013.
The software supplier that has passed me the license told me that the problem may be because I have installed in the same machine XE 2011.

But I feel very unconfortable having to uninstall XE 2011 before making sure XE 2013 compiles my projects.

I attach a screenshot of the exact moment when the installation process crashes. It crashes on the welcome stage of the intalation setup.

I haven´t been able to find any log file, probably it hasn´t even been generated at this early stage of the installation process.

Please, any help is very welcome




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