Segmentation Fault in Installation Process

Segmentation Fault in Installation Process

Hi all,

I have downloaded parallel studio xe 2013 and tried to install it on our server. But right after I accepted the license agreement, there was a segmenation fault, then the installation process shut down. Is there anything wrong with my installation? Thanks

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./ line 552: 18931 Segmentation fault      $pset_engine_binary --tmp-dir=$user_tmp --log-file=$log_file $silent_params $duplicate_params $params --PACKAGE_DIR=$fullpath

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Hello kdx1999,

I don't see any existing installation issues that match up with this. Can you provide the following info:

1. In your temp directory (probably /tmp), there should be some log files produced by the installation. They'll be called something like intel-*.log. Can you provide those? Skim the contents to make sure you are ok with attaching the files here. If the info there is anything you want to keep private, I would recommend creating a Premier Support issue at and sending the files there.
2. What flavor and version of Linux operating system are you installing on?
3. Are you doing a root, sudo or local installation?


I was able to reproduce this segfault by including some old license files in /opt/intel/licenses.  Once I remove all of the old licenses, and only included the current license file for the current product I was installing, then the segfault went away and I was able to install normally.

Hi burrell,

Thanks for spotting the problem. I had installed the product successfully based on your suggestion.

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